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Client Estate Planning Review

Are you confident your current estate plans are aligned with your wishes for your:

Distribution of assets:  Who gets what, when and under which conditions?  Have you protected your heirs from potential loss of your hard earned wealth due to creditors, future divorce, mismanagement and inexperience?

Administration:  If you are unable to make decisions about your healthcare and finances, need a guardian for minor children, executor for your will or successor trustee, who would you choose?

Management:  If you own a business or investment property, who is set to acquire and/or manage your assets after your death?

Income:  Will a surviving spouse be able to continue maintaining their current lifestyle for the remainder of their lifetime in the event of a premature death?

Taxes:  Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to reduce potential estate taxes and income taxes payable by your estate and heirs?

Business Exit Readiness Index

You've poured your heart and soul into your business--your blood, sweat and tears 

Are you really ready to transfer your business to a successor?  Have you looked at all the options available?  Have you calculated what your business needs to sell for in order to finance your retirement years?  Complete our Business Exit Readiness Index Questionnaire and we will start to find your answers.

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Caregiving Planning

Identify the Key Challenges You'll Likely Face

If you find yourself in a current or future caregiving situation for a loved one, complete the attached questionnaire to help us develop a care plan that will reduce stress for all involved and ensure this next chapter accounts for the wishes of your loved one. Proper planning can help protect assets and provide an organized process to help manage the financial, medical, housing, and legal aspects of the transition.

Free Portfolio Risk Assessment

How much risk are you taking?

Rarely do investors complain when the stock market goes up more than anticipated. Unfortunately, the markets tend to go down from time to time as well. Complete the risk assessment below and we can share your risk score with you and then align your investments with your customized score so that you won't likely receive unwelcome surprises when the markets go down.

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