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Unraveling the Mystery of Poly-advisory Financial Planning

Unraveling the Mystery of Poly-advisory Financial Planning

February 21, 2020

The majority of families I meet with have competent advisors—attorneys, CPAs, investment advisors and insurance specialists—that have guided them through their years offering what the professional believes to be the right planning guidance at that point of their lives.  The insurance agent sold the couple a life insurance policy 15 years ago that met their needs.  Their attorney may have set them up with a will and powers of attorney 10 years ago, and their investment professional may have set up an investment strategy some time ago as well.  As far as the couple is concerned, they’ve done a good job of financial planning because they could check the boxes of some of the key concepts of financial planning.

These individuals think they’re in good shape, and for the most part they tend to be better off than if they had not engaged in some level of planning.  However, because this planning was put in place using different products, at different times, with different advisors, their overall financial planning lacks synergy and often has blind spots.  Often, these clients' advisors take a limited view and don't ask about areas outside their purview.

The clients we work with choose to engage our services because we take a multidisciplinary approach--not just in a legal, accounting, insurance, or investment perspective—but across the board to identify coordination gaps and missed opportunities that occur as a result of a random, poly-advisory approach.  Putting the puzzle pieces together on the same table allows us to see how everything fits together and where pieces may be missing.

There’s a real difference between having financial planning done, and having it done as well as possible.  If you are interested n learning whether or not you might realize a similar clarity and confidence in your financial planning and sense of security  from working towards achieving your financial objectives, call us at 773-867-3660 to schedule a meeting.