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Wealth and Health Assessments

How am I doing?  How can I improve?

We realize there's a difference between  having your planning done and having your planning done as well as possible.  

Lack of coordination with advisors as well as changing life situations sometimes cause our planning to become out of line with our wishes resulting in gaps in planning or missed opportunities.

Take a few moments to review one or more of the assessments below.  Upon completion you will receive a score and a report to help you identify potential next steps to improve your score and become more financially secure.

Contact us to discuss how to the results of your assessment might be improved.

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Financial Safety and Risk Profile Assessment

This assessment identifies traits that place a client at risk for sub-optimal financial decision making or exploitation.  Completing this assessment provides you with a Whealthcare Safety Score.  Couples should each complete their own questionnaire.

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Healthcare Decisions & Costs Assessment

How do you want care/treatment received?  Where would you want to live if you could not remain safe in your home? What is the baseline for your definition of "quality of life"?  This assessment should be shared with your family and medical power of attorney agent to make sure your wishes are known.

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Financial Management Risk Score

Are you taking on too much risk in your financial management without realizing?  Find out your score and implement sound guidance to get more organized so you can reduce stress, save money, and get more time back.

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Financial Decision Making Assessment

Who would you want to be notified if your professional advisors noticed a change in behavior or questioned your financial decision-making ability?  Sharing a trusted contact is a safe way to protect yourself from making a regretful decision.

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Living Transitions Assessment

Whether you're considering aging in place, or transitioning to an independent living, assisted living or memory care community, learn what your options look like.

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Estate Planning Risk Score

Everyone has a plan for incapacity or distribution of their "stuff" after death.  The home-state statutes are the default estate plan.  Does your estate plan effectively reflect your wishes?  Learn more through this assessment.

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Senior Driving Transitions Assessment 

For most seniors, driving means independence.  However, frailty, failing vision and delayed reaction times can make driving dangerous for your loved one and others on the road.  Help your loved one decide if they should be limiting their automobile use and build a conditional plan to decide when it's time to quit altogether.

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Financial Literacy Risk Score

How secure is your understanding of basic financial literacy concepts?  How can you improve?

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