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When Coyotes Howl--Are You Ready?

When Coyotes Howl--Are You Ready?

February 04, 2020

We have an unfenced backyard and a 12-week-old puppy.  The Cook County Forest preserve is less than a mile from our neighborhood, and the occasional coyote sighting has not been unexpected.  As a result, when Bailey has to go out to relieve herself, I am usually the one to bring her into the backyard on a leash.

Sunday night, as I took my pup out to “do her business”, a small pack of coyotes began to howl at what sounded like about 4-5 blocks away.  Despite never having heard howling coyotes before in her young life, her brain went into “fight or flight” mode and she immediately sprinted to the back door to get inside the house.  She didn’t understand she was not in immediate danger, or that she was tethered to me to protect her in the event trouble showed up.  Bailey’s brain was put into self-preservation mode.

Financial safety and security should begin before the “financial coyotes” begin to howl, and you are tempted to run and hide.  

We run client scenarios through good market and bad market conditions to see how they perform.  Having confidence that when trouble is coming and you’ve planned for it, you can stand your ground.  You can have strength in knowing that you are tethered to a non-emotionally engaged financial advisor to keep you from making the mistake of buying high and selling low.

If your financial “coyote” is the fear that you will grow old and not be able to maintain your standard of living for what may be 25-30 years of retirement, let us help you put a plan together.

Perhaps you are afraid of the healthcare “coyote” and the associated costs of providing care over several years.  If so, then let’s look at potential approaches to address that coyote if it shows itself.

The bottom line is you don’t need to face your greatest fears alone.   Partnering with professionals that have been through others in similar situations can give you confidence in facing your anxieties so you can live your best life now.