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Has your Retirement Community been "Ghosted" by a prospect family?

Has your Retirement Community been "Ghosted" by a prospect family?

June 30, 2019

“Ghosting” in the dating scene happens when there is the start of what appears to be a relationship and then all communications go dark—calls aren’t returned, emails go unanswered, text messages often remain unopened or deleted.

Similarly in senior housing, what seems to be a viable prospect that would be well served to move into the community becomes a “ghost”. Why does this happen?

Experience tells us that they may have found another community that is closer to family, or is less expensive, or appears to be a better fit for the family from a care perspective. Another likely option is that the adult influencer—likely a son or daughter—has been “spooked” by the sticker shock of the cost of quality care.

Working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who has experience navigating similar transitions with other families can help keep the family engaged, work with the senior to ensure estate plan documents are up to date, can help consolidate assets into a cohesive and efficient income plan that may increase the likelihood that they will have money as long as they have months. That peace of mind is priceless. That’s where the support of a financial professional can help.

We have a process we follow when working with seniors and their adult children to provide confidence and clarity through the transition from struggling in the home to your community. Our smart software can illustrate the advantages of implementing different what-if strategies to optimize the spend-down of assets and provide peace of mind that the move they are contemplating will be the last move they’ll have to make.

Let's discuss how you can become a "Ghostbuster".