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Crock-Pot Investment Planning

Crock-Pot Investment Planning

March 30, 2021

I enjoy the ease and simplicity of setting up a meal in the slow cooker at lunchtime and allowing it to stew throughout the afternoon. The smell of the spices throughout the house and the peace of mind knowing dinner plans have been addressed combine to reduce my stress on crock-pot dinner days.
The keys to preparing a delicious slow-cooker meal are also keys to building wealth in a "set-it-and-forget-it" investment strategy:

  1. Start with the best ingredients. Starting with a fatty piece of meat or over-ripe vegetables will provide less than desirable dinners. Similarly, being judicious about what funds or investments to include in your recipe will affect your outcomes.
  2. Know your time horizon. Most cookers have 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-hour settings. If your planned dinner time is in 5 hours, setting your cook time to 2 or 8 hours will lead your food to be under-cooked or over-done. Knowing your risk tolerance and how long your investments will need to support your lifestyle will be necessary to determine what your investment ingredient mix should be.
  3. Stir occasionally. Ingredients can be mixed to blend the flavors together and to keep ingredients from getting overcooked from sitting too close to the heating elements too long. Occasional portfolio rebalancing helps remove "hot-spots" and ensures your investment dish heats evenly.


Putting someone or something else in charge of preparing your meal is a great way to save time and provide a healthy and tasty meal for yourself and your family.
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